Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, damn! This isn't boding so well.

I had half a dozen paragraphs and then I hit PUBLISH POST (at least, I THINK I did) but all I got was the first paragraph and now, frankly, I'm sick of the whole thing.

Y'know, I've been working with computerized typesetting equipment since 1973, and desktop publishing since 1993, and my stomach still hurts when something messes up like this. "Something" messes up. Well, in the Olden Days, it really could be the equipment. These days, though, it seems as if Operator Error is the only way to mess up.

I chatted about my art car and its name, and my "bien" name and all that, and now it's apparently lost in space. Because of me.

Damned technology!

Let's try again.

Oh. But first ... let me complain about there having to be a title. Jeeze.

And now I see that the times are way off. It's 10:20, not 7:something. Sigh. And why should the draft be one typeface and my actual entry another?

God. Is this what Andy Rooney feels like?

Okay. I'll try to recapture the joy and beauty of my original, mostly-lost entry ...

I don't like to name things. I never have. That's why I'm whining about "having" to name each entry here. Goodness! I'm not that organized. How do I know what I'm going to be yammering about? Plus, what? you think I'm going to stick to one topic? Who do you think I am?

I drive an art car, though, and the people at shows always want names for the cars. Well, I've referred to all my cars as My Car, but art car organizers won't accept that. Therefore, my current car is named bien5. The bien is phonetic for my initials, BN, and the 5 indicates that it's the fifth car I've painted. I can live with that, but I still call it My Car.

Now, my buddy Sonny Fenwick, who's been nagging me to blog, has The Bubble Truck. He has outfittied a big truck with bubble-making gear and, yes, it makes sense to name it The Bubble Truck.

My car, however, is a mish of West African symbols and grandma's quilt and paisley and that healing hand or Hindu hand or Cherokee hand or whatever it is. I'm redoing that hand for the art car show in Louisville on August 1 and 2.

Anyway, what would YOU name that car?

Now, after I painted my current car, I painted two trucks and a golf cart for a local nursery, and I'm going to be painting Mark's car in July. Would my next car therefore be bien6 or bien9. See? and that's just one reason I don't like to name things.

I have a friend who named her cat Inlieu because, fed up with men, Liz decided to give her affection and attention to the cat. I'm happy to report that the cat lasted longer than its name.

I guess I think names are like tattoos -- they're just too permanent. What if and what if and what if?

One day, maybe a decade ago, I realized that my dinner plates were the same ones I'd bought twenty years ago. Yes. That means they're thirty years old now. And I still like them. So I guess I could have gotten a tattoo after all ...

My cat, whom I love, is named Mittens. Yes, yes. Of course she has the extra toes and yes, her feet are white while the rest of her is sort of grey, else why would someone have named her Mittens? She was a stray (and possibly astray, too, because she showed up at Bob's house with a couple of kittens). He named her Mittens. I never would have been so trite, but I then I also would have left her unnamed until the neighbors started hearing me call for her. "Hey, My Cat! Come on! My Cat! My Cat!"

Ah ... and in the lost entry, I also cried about the lack of Smart Quotes here with Mister Google. Dang. It's actually painful to me, as a typographer, to see inch marks instead of quotes, foot marks for apostrophes. My queenery for an en dash!

6 comments: said...

Good for you to get the blogging going.

PsychMajor said...

Ah, bien, Barbara! I have wondered if/when you would open your commentaries on life up to the eUniverse. Ha, and I know you to be a prolific writer, thus, I have no worries that there will be a lack of your thoughtful words coming directly to me!

It is good that I can admit my potential for being greedy, yes?

Good show, dear friend!

And yes, it is puzzling when malfunctions occur and words vanish. I, however, believe there are just as many, if not more computer glitches with the modern technology than with the old typesetting systems. With complexity of technology (progress, ha!) comes more complexity (and frequency?!) of glitches!

Perhaps it is because of the complexity of the modern system glitches that we are often at a loss to explain them. Probably healthy to go with the attitude that it is possible that Operator Error is a viable explanation...if mostly because it is we operators who have these more complex systems that sometimes get glitchy!

So it is written, so shall it be said...unless glitching occurs during submission of this text herewith. ;)

Love, Michele

Louisville said...

Hola, Barbara! This is Christa. I've been enjoying reading your blogs, so far. This one caught my attention because I'm living in Louisville now.

Are you going to come out here for the art show? If so, you always have a place to stay at my home. I'd love to see you!

Mark said...

Having recently purchased a camera to take on vacation, I'll snap a few before photos of my car, which I call "my ride", which I'm bringing to you for its transformation. I'll email you the pics when I can.

WDu6mGtx1o2SVmfqpPIiSuHO5WdTpVuX said...

Barbara -
I look forward to seeing you in Louisville, then again in Columbus, Ohio the weekend following Labor Day, for the Hot Times Music & Arts Festival

LrdClbrn said...

But, um, isn't calling something "my ___" implying that it's a possession, which is okay for an artcar, but for a cat? Kind of takes away any individuality the being might possess...?