Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sonny!

You know, the world is just FULL of Libras!

Actually, I looked it up on the interweb and it said that October 5 is the most common birthdate, and that's a Libra. On a different site, though, it said a date in July was the most common. How strange is that? You'd think it would be a black-or-white sort of fact, not subject to opinion or bias. My friend Ken said something's only true if you believe it, so I hereby declare that, indeed, October 5 is the day.

On the other hand, I don't believe Ken's statement ... or do I? Hmm ...

I do believe it's my buddy Sonny Fenwick's birthday, though. He's The Bubble Man at I helped him with his book, The Bubble Truck Goes to the Moon. He goes to art car shows and brings The Bubble Truck -- his only vehicle, by the way (which is how an art car should be, if you ask me, which you didn't) -- to parties and preschools and churches. He even gives lectures at schools on a variety of topics, so if you're anywhere near New Albany, Indiana, check him out, please. Here's an entertaining NPR spot that includes him.

There was a jolly little spontaneous dance at the Blues Fest on Saturday. Vicki and Lisa decided to buy a purple tee shirt from me on my birthday to give to Rene for her birthday on Tuesday. She turned around and bought a black shirt for her husband because he's continuing to have birthdays, despite horrific chemo therapy and the disease that preceded that.

So hooray for birthdays!

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Courtney Paris said...

I get google alerts for New Albany Indiana and this post came up. Sonny has been a family friend for a long time, I'll be sure to send good birthday vibes to him on that date!