Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, I've been blogging with Mister Google enough to know that how these photos turn out will be a surprise for everyone. I expect the worse.

What do you think? Farming's not my forte? It was really hard putting the seeds on the form, as you can see. They kept drooling down, and there were way too many of them. I've given the poor man a sort of neck-beard, while the seeds at the top and front just didn't sprout.

And I couldn't help thinking of waterboarding when I was soaking the head in the pan. I'm happy that he's the president now. On the packaging, though, doesn't he look like some old crooner? Steve Lawrence or Dion or someone? I did the least little bit of research and it appears that Chia never has made a pet of a real person. Homer Simpson is as close as they've come, but -- sorry, Mike -- Homer's not a real person

The Mayans used to eat chia seeds because they're twenty-one percent protein.

Remember when sports cars were for men? Now, of course, every time you check out the driver of a sports car, it's a woman. But when did that happen? And why? There's a local family who just bought a red Mini Cooper, not that they qualify -- do they? -- as sports cars. The late-thirties husband is delighted with it. The fourteen-year-old boy and slightly younger girl, the ones who are crammed in the "backseat"? Not so much ...

Tonight my back hurts and I'm waiting for food to be delivered and I simply don't want to talk anymore. Therefore:

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Anonymous said...

I like the Obama with just seeds on his head; looks more like the President than after the seeds sprout.

I wonder what President Obama feels about this use of his image: Does he cringe, inwardly seething? (Seems unlikely; at least, his public persona doesn't seem to acknowledge that seething is possible.) Does he smile indulgently, at our childish amusements? Does he applaud the presence of such a diversion, which takes our minds--at least temporarily--away from more worrisome matters? Is he perhaps totally ignorant of this playful use of his likeness? (This too seems unlikely; I think he has his hand on the whole pulse of the nation, including our occasional sillinesses.) Or does he ignore the whole subject, being too engrossed in doing the best job he can, in what sometimes may well be the worst job in the world? I think the latter is most likely. -- Eunice