Thursday, May 14, 2009

On / Off / Ouch

My ear drum was just shattered because I tried to put my new cellphone on SPEAKER mode. It didn't seem to work, so my friend on the other end suggested that the volume might be too low. Ah, yes. The volume is a button on the side with up and down arrows. I'm never sure which way it's going, so that seemed to be a real possibility.

It still didn't work, but by then, I just wanted the conversation, so I gave up. My little phone screen said Spkr on which I no longer wanted, so just put my ear back to the phone.

That's when my hearing was impaired for all eternity.

I watch a fair amount of tv on, and I'm finding out that little notations like Hi Res (or Spkr on) are not, after all, choices I'm offered, but notices of current status. Where was I when they changed all that?

Or maybe I'm just too computerized. I see something I want, I click on it, and I get it. That's not true in the cellphone world.

And it's this very reason that I'm so resistent to new gadgets. I put up with a failing cellphone for a long, long time, just because I didn't want to have to learn new ways to complete old tasks -- and that was before I discovered that physical pain would be involved in the learning. On my old phone, the back-arrow deleted what I had just typed. On this phone, the C button -- for Crap! -- will do the same thing. I don't know what the back-arrow will do, but I'm pretty sure it involves a sharp stick in the eye.

I still don't know how to save the phone number of someone who just called. And my home page, if indeed that's what it's called, has four little circles with Fisher-Price People in them, and one big one. What's that for? I'm sure if I could just find the instruction manual, I'd be able to figure it out ...

How long do you suppose it took to standardize the old-fashioned rotary phone? I'll bet it didn't take a week. I'll bet only one company made them at first, and then the others just followed. I'll bet people didn't think that "different" always meant "better." I'll bet I'm not willing to look it up ...


olga kruse said...

Just a hint, but, when someone calls, you can check the Menu and go to calls that've been Received and it'll list everyone's numbers who've called you. I wonder if your phone does that, too?

I held onto my land line as long as I could; but in particular for my friend Geoffrey whose birthday was yesterday, I guess I just needed to mention that, cause we don't talk any more; that happened about five months ago; he sent me a scathing letter that I had neglected him as a friend and I felt no need to apologize cause I felt differently and - whew- I do need some therapy-

anyway, I kept my land line cause the connection is so much better and my old friend mentioned aforehand; felt uncomfortable when I called on my cell; he and I totally relate, did not like the bad connection that a cell phone supplies. I felt it too; it's just hell on the head to talk on a cell for long and he and I used to have these long chats.

Now there's Facebook and I can't keep up with that, with all it's little doo dads...sending each other poses, I know I did, but, it wasn't my idea; and winks and such...and none of us are even dating!

I find myself sounding like you, Natterer in my head, so, let me just sign off and say; you're doing great with the phone acclimation...takes time this stuff and every younger person is already light years ahead of me, so, the cave woman that I am, I accept my slow pace and

am trying to figure out how to use my digital tape recorder before Betty and I perform saturday.

Again, I LOVE MY CAR and She saved me two bucks today at the Clearwater Airport; where I had to go through the short term parking and the guy said "anyone with a car painted like that, doe s not have to pay". He loved Lakshmi and so do I.

tbone said...

I like Stand by Me so much I've got it in my favorites