Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye-Bye, Sunny!

Here's a picture of Sunny from February of this year, a month after her seventeenth birthday. This morning, Sunny was euthanized. It would have been a really hard decision for Mike to make, except that Sunny made it herself, by refusing to eat. Thank you, Sunny!

We brought Benji with us. The vet had said bringing the sibling pets is for the human's sake, not the animal's. In that case, I would have left Benji home. But then Mike rightly pointed out that, really, how do we know at all what animals are thinking? At least we can know (can't we?) what we're thinking, and so Benji came, too.

Sunny's leftover medicines -- and there were lots of them -- were left with the vet, to be donated to animal shelters.

And then Mike stopped at Eileen's so I could drop off the proofs for the playbill, and he brought me to the library to return some movies and a book.

Life goes on, see? as they always say at funerals.

Yeah. Except for the dead ones.


Anonymous said...

How sad! Such a pretty dog, too.

xzentricity43 said...

I know euthanizing a beloved pet is tough to do. It's even tougher if it isn't done, especially on the pet.
During his interview on WMNF yesterday evening, Terry Adams (no, not Douglas Adams. He's deceased) stated that he believes we shouldn't have pets, mostly because it puts an unnecessary strain on the earth's capacity to produce all of the resources needed for the multitudinous already existing natural animal populations. He also stated that our youth should be cultured to respect all life forms, including insects. He says if we're reluctant to kill bugs, we'll think more than a little about engaging in warfare against near and distant human populations because of the collateral damage on the indigenous animal life.
And what are Terry Adams' qualifications for pontificating on local talk radio about the efficacy of our cultural perceptions regarding naturally existing (as opposed to human aided) life forms. Ostensibly, it's due to the fact that he's a long time vegetarian and champion of animal welfare, but I suspect his status as a musician and former member of NRBQ (Nat'l Rhythm & Blues Quartet) is what actually garnished the attentions of his radio host (who's name I've forgotten).

flahoos said...

Farah, Michael, and now Sunny! Bad news comes in threes...

olga kruse said...

Sorry for the loss of Sonny, and yet, she may be running around and ordering out as we think of her, in doggy other worlds. peace and light to Sonny

And today Isabella the deaf turned three.

love to all dogs here and there