Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roll Up The Windows!

At Least I Can Still Smoke In My Car!

That's a bumper sticker I was following the other day. The big pickup truck had a small American flag decal and a big American flag with an eagle covering the whole back window. There was also a poor little copyright-ignored Calvin peeing on something. He's always urinating on an object I can't quite make out.

Yes. At least smokers can still smoke in their cars. But they don't. Have you noticed that? Even in the rain, one or two fingers and a thumb are sticking out of the top of the window, holding the smoldering cigarette out into the drizzle. I've actually experienced more second-hand smoke driving, since people can't smoke anywhere inside.

Do you think they think it's against the law to smoke inside their own cars?

I smoked three packs a day for twenty-four years, right up until July 5, 1992. Now I hate cigarette smoking and can't believe my eyes when someone I know and love still smokes. I mean it. I am amazed when I see them light up. I'm in denial about it for them. "You still smoke?" I'll ask, incredulously. I'll ask that five times a week if that's how often I see them. I just can't get it through my head that everybody didn't quit smoking on July 5, 1992.


flahoos said...

You would just LOVE the guy at the widget factory who regularly pollutes the parking lot air with a big STOGIE on the break walks.
As a self-righteous reformed smoker, I too am indignant when whiffing 2nd-hand smoke in traffic, and when they flick the smoldering butt to the pavement I practically froth at the mouth...

Jason said...

As a lifelong NON-smoker, I've always wondered why people smoke. I've been known to be quite militant about it. I'll pull the burning end off a cigarette just to annoy the smoker. I crush cigarette packs, and whe Amy fell off the wagon (the smoking one), I would inform of how bad she stunk. I even got Hadyn to start in on her, and it seems to have worked. Yes you CAN smoke in your car. Please do so with the widows up and no passengers. Do us all a favor.

xzentricity43 said...

I didn't quit until June 24, 1995. I am almost always offended by cigarette smoke or the associated byproducts, but every once in a while, especially when I see a smoker with a pack of non-filters (the butts are readily biodegradable, I use to reason to myself), the insidious urge to "light up" invades. It's been 14 flippin' years, and the primary reason haven't smoked all these years is because in the past I've found it so difficult to quit. The only occasions I've managed to quit was when I REALLY wanted to. I quit smoking for more than a week or so only 4 times in my life. On each of these successful attempts (quit for 6 months or more) I REALLY wanted to quit. WANTING to quit just didn't happen very often when I was smoking, And wanting to stay quit has only occurred just these past 14 years.
If you used to be a smoker, and you REALLY want to understand why it's so difficult for smokers to quit, try lighting up. Try it at least twice over the course of a week. If you still don't understand why it's so hard for smokers to quit, perhaps you've been truly cured. I'm hoping I never reach that stage of curiousity