Friday, November 21, 2008

Picture Blog

I just realized this afternoon that I have SIX mailboxes on posts here in Gulfport -- that is, six working mailboxes. This is in addition to the one on St. Pete Beach that I showed here on October 23, and the three that people bought in Kentucky. Anyway, it suddenly seemed so amazing to me that I got Benji and my camera and drove around town to take pictures of all of them. I really appreciate the people who appreciate my boxes. I'm glad they don't need dolphins or palm trees or other touristy items ... not that there's anything wrong with dolphins, palm trees, or tourists. I was once one myself (palm tree, not dolphin).

Here's another amazing thing. Liz Armstrong placed her book, The Little Bastard Won't Bite ... and everything else your pet sitter needs to know in Haslam's Bookstore. Yes! That's really something. Usually they won't accept self-published books but that's because they don't usually see The Little Bastard ... So run right down there and get a copy or two. Or go to and order online. Yours truly designed it inside and out, and typeset it, too, but that's completely incidental to the entertaining writing by Liz that makes the book. Since this is the Picture Blog, let's have a picture of the star, shall we?

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