Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a Miracle!

This isn't exactly the face of The Virgin Mother on an office window on Drew Street in Clearwater, but it is an authentic Lay's Classic Potato Chip in the shape of a heart the day before Valentine's Day.

I think the Gods of Coincidence and Miracle are messing with me because I'm talking about Valentine's Day a day early. They're the ones Who have caused this photo to come in sideways when, in fact, the photo is rightside-to on my computer.
I even went to Edit Html (but shouldn't that last indecipherable bit be all caps?) and transposed WIDTH and HEIGHT to no avail.


Well, let's not let it spoil our early Valentine's Day. I'll be heading for Ybor City at seven a.m. tomorrow, returning to this side of Tampa Bay about eleven hours later. Have mercy! From there, I'll join John, Janet, Canyon, and Mike for some overeating of pizza, wings, coconut cream pie, and chocolate cream pie. Did I mention it's American Heart Month? That was designated back in 1963. Since they didn't name it American Healthy Heart Month, I'd say we're safe with that menu.
But now I'm off to make some drum music.

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