Monday, July 14, 2008

The Cressida for Peace

I'm plowing through a bunch of photographs because I've got to get things to John, who's building my website. I ran across this picture of my '87 Toyota Cressida, my first art car. How I loved it! I had forgotten all the changes it has gone through. Someone mashed the trunk and the rear passenger side, so I had to re-do some things.

Look at my Peace Sign Flag. I had completely forgotten about that. I was just so pissed that, because of DevilBoy mentioned in an earlier post today, our country's flag came to mean The War-Monger's Flag, The I-Don't-Listen-To-ANYBODY Flag.

That blob in the middle of the flag is the gas-cap door that somehow wasn't harmed. Do I know how to take a good photo or WHAT? I don't know how to crop the pix for this blog thang, either.

I needed to add this on today because, I swear, I am never talking about politics again. Ever again. For real. I mean it.

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