Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mea Culpa

From French to Latin in one short day!

It turns out that the bit about French's Mustard Company from yesterday was a "prank," according to Mister Snopes, so there's one more reason not to blog ... or is it "post" ... or "post a blog"? Man, it's bad enough that I have to monitor myself (and when have I ever watched my mouth?), but now I have to be accountable, too. Dang!

And I'm the one hitting REPLY ALL when I get one of those fear-mongering emails about yet another scam or another missing girl (boys seem to stay home) or another brand new spankin' thing for women, in particular, to be afraid of.

He's UNDER the car! He's in the BACKSEAT! He's behind the SUN VISOR!

I call those people emotion vandals and I think they're bad. So there.

When I get a sensational email like that, I Snopes it, find out it's a lie, and REPLY ALL. I'm such a missionary! That's kind of a two-birds/one-stone thing for me. I'm also hoping that whoever sent it will figure out that she should BCC (blind carbon copy) next time.

I was going to leave the BCC unexplained, but a smart, young (thirtysomething) businesswoman asked me how to do it the other day, so I'll assume nothing. Today, I confess, I was killing time, waiting for Liz's manuscript, and I looked in Craig's List under Personals. Boy. Mea is culpa today, huh? Anyway, I saw "NSA" too many times. I was pretty sure is wasn't No Sex Allowed, but that's as far as I could figure. I had to go to too many pages to learn that it means No Strings Attached.


So now I've learned that even a Snopes-intensive person like myself can be too hasty, too believing, too naive ... uh ... too high up on a soapbox ...

But isn't it nice to be able to respect French's Mustard again? Yay!

Well, heck, as long as I'm here -- and you can thank Steve in Minnesota for that -- look what I bought today. I bought five quarts of paint at Healthy Homes on 22nd Avenue North, across from Mazzaro's. It's green paint -- non-toxic paint -- for Mark's car, which I'll start painting on Thursday. I wish I could show you the paint chips. Hmm ... perhaps I can ... The flavors are Cozumel (turquoise), Electric Orange, Citrus Splash (yellow), and Grenadine (red). Well, and black, of course, which I want someone to name Whipped Licorice, please. Thank you. Black is what holds it all together. I took the chips from Behr, so I guess we should applaud them, too. I'm going to scan the colors. Since everyone's screen is different and blah blah, let's play it like this: If you like the colors, the scan was good. If you don't like the colors, something's wrong with your screen.

I know the men at Healthy Home were intrigued by the colors, not knowing that they were for a car. This particular car seems like a real challenge to me right now. I hope I'm up to it. Mark assures me I am, but he's not strolling in my flip-flops, is he?

Prepare to swoon.

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