Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Goddess bless you, Steven. If you haven't read his comment on today's earlier post, please do so now.

Are you back? Good.

Now, on a scale of one to sixty, just exactly how embarrassed do you think I am, where one is "not at all" and sixty is "shoot me now"?

This is the picture on the postcard mentioned earlier today. Please. Someone agree with me that McCain and Biden look alike.

Here's a further shameful thing. Remember in the Vice-Presidential debates, when That Idiot Woman referred to Joe as Obiden? Well, I think that's easy to do. I'm unspeakably sorry that I have something in common with her, but there it is.

Leone invited me to go up to her place and watch the debate. I only agreed out of friendship, but I was actually glad I did. When I win the Lotto tomorrow, I may buy a television, but then I'd have to hire someone else to watch it for me ...


Steven said...

My Dearest Barbara,

Please know that I in no way meant to shame you and that yes, they do resemble one another. If I had to compare the two, I would say that Ms. McCain is way more "plastic" than Ms. Biden.

When you call with the dinner reservations (Mike's treat) I'll be sure to respond quickly with a you betcha

Mark said...

If you hire someone else to watch the TV for you, you still won't recognize Biden when you're looking right at him. LUCKY YOU!

Satch said...

(Damn thing just erased everything I wrote.)

You have company; I didn't know who those people were either, until you told me.

I recognized the venue by Mrs. Obama's garment, but sort of thought it was election night, and wondered why the McCains looked so happy. And I guess the Sen. did look unusually youthful and square-jawed. But I still never realized who they were until you made it very explicit.

Jason said...

WHEN you win the lotto, I expect that you will want someone who has ADD and therefore perfect for your TV watching. Of course we all know you will think of your *ahem* favorite *ahem* nephew in Rochester (the one that doesn't look like a Roman god, unless we're watching Disney's Fantasia, in which case he looks like Bacchus) and offer him this career....

Love, Jase