Friday, December 12, 2008


This is just a paragraph or two to remind you to grab all your buddies and go over to Ybor City tomorrow, Saturday, December 13, for WMNF's Holiday Bazaar. It's open from ten to five, but members can get in half an hour earlier. It's at 2010 Avenida Republica de Cuba at the Cuban Club. If you google that address, though, it'll come up as a no-go because it's only in English on the maps.

Besides all my stuff, which will be outside in the courtyard with my car and the food vendors, the whole first floor of the Cuban Club is dedicated to used books, CDs, records, DVDs, and tapes. I've donated heavily to that and I'm grateful. This is paradise to browsers -- boxes and boxes and boxes of reading and listening material!

Myself? I can't stand it. It's like going to Big Lots. Sure. The prices are good, but you can't count on an item being there week after week. You have to be a hard-core browser in order to enjoy it.

I'll browse in a bookstore any ol' day, but I am browsing according to the alphabet and the genre. At WMNF, I think they split things up into a couple genres, but that's as categorized as it gets. Still, I remember a woman coming by my booth last year, hauling a box full of books. She was going back for more and asked if she could leave Box #1 with me. She was psyched. I think she paid less than five bucks for that whole box.

Today I'm going to try one more thing to perfect my tee-shirt technique. It involves being outdoors, though, with water, in this cold, cold weather. And how 'bout this wind? With the wind chill, it's probably forty out there, which is about the temperature of a refrigerator, isn't it? Okay. Because of Olga (drat!), I had to look it up. The preferred temperature of an icebox is between thirty-five and thirty-eight degrees (my queendom for a degree symbol!). It seems to me if we're using the word "ideal," there should just be one temperature, not a variety. I mean, can there be degrees of ideal, of perfection? No. Of course not. This cannot be "more" perfect than that. Perfect is perfect. The end.

Okay, then. In the interest of, um, perfection, let's say that the ideal refrigerator temperature is thirty-six-point-five degrees. And let's also say that that's the wind chill this morning. So let's say Brrrrrr!

Ah, perfection ... I've published this posting TWICE already, and then found mistakes. If you've subscribed (as opposed to waiting patiently for me to email you the link each time), I guess that means you'll get three copies of essentially the same blog. Sorry.

Look at all my Followers! Another one jumped on in the middle of the night. It's very exciting! I wonder if I should start wearing a robe ...


flahoos said...

My kingdom for a degree symbol...
Why it's "option-shift-8" of course!
Now here's a question for our learned panel of experts: is the expression "Life is just a game..." a metaphor or an analogy or both/neither? BN, you would not BELIEVE the online catfight I just wandered into over this issue! MEOW!

PsychMajor said...

Ooh, ooh, pick me! I actually raised my hand to indicate that I know the answer to flahoos' question! Wow, I've been in school way too long! Though it was an interesting sight for the Wildkits...they looked at me like I must have something in my hand...something they surely must have! Bless their genius kitty hearts!

Meanwhile, ooh, yes, if I may jump in on BN's quizzical, whimsical, mystical, magical domain here...uh, well, dear flahoos, the answer, I think, is analogy and a metaphor!

This is because, you see, an analogy makes the comparison to a familiar thing, while the metaphor uses analogous concepts. So a metaphor is moot without an analogy.

Oooh, I hope I get an A on this quiz! GPA prefers the view from way up high...ah, much like my genius kitties! Hmm, and we'll have no catfighting, please.

Meanwhile, back at the fridge prefers the recommended setting of 40 degrees, while my freezer is colder, certainly, and it's just too cold in there right now to open it up and see what setting is listed as the ideal temperature. Will get back to you in the spring on that one, eh, BN?

Wheee, Ybor, ya say?! Having just toured Ybor with my class, I do declare that it's a lovely setting for a festival! Such a warm and vibrant environment, rich with culture and heavily laden with bricks! Oooh, bricks! I do love a good brick.

Hmm, and I see that my keyboard does not have an option key...and when using a reasonable facsimile in the form of ctrl-shift-8, here's what I get: . Nada. This leads me to believe that flahoos has Quickeys programmed on a Mac, and I do not have Quickeys or a Mac. Oooh, my compassion for BN and her queendom for a degree symbol.

Barbara said...

What gets me is that there are plenty of explanations online, so I'm surprised there's any snarling going on about our friend the metaphor and his companion, the analogy. Of course, just because something's online doesn't mean it's right. When I was a kid, we used to say, "But I READ it!" as if the printed word were the arbiter. Nowadays, if you found it online, I think it's at least suspect. If you found it in an email, I KNOW it's wrong.

If flahoos's philosopher had said, "Life is LIKE a game ..." we could just call it a simile and all go home.

olga kruse said...

What's more exciting than getting 'heard' or 'seen' - BEING MENTIONED by the Nattering Chatter; or were you, ooops, referring to the hurricane, tornado watch? I have not watched the weather reports.

No matter. Reading the Natterer makes me feel like I'm doing something about my education and of course, getting laugh medication.

Keep up the great writing.

a fan